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Twitter and my Facebook Page are my primary means of communication. I regularly post photos and status updates for fun, and also to let you know what I'm up too. I enjoy Twitter conversations and I reply to almost all comments on my Facebook page.

** Before you send an email, please read the following note and the F.A.Q..

Note: we all have only so many hours in a day... Please keep your email short and to the point (say a maximum < 70 words). I almost always reply to all emails, providing they are short. However, I will not reply to your email if you ask a question from the F.A.Q. list.


1. Can we meet and have sex? How much would you cost?
Sorry, I'm already taken, and besides, that's not my job.
2. Can we meet up for coffee or a beer?
Thank you, it's very nice to offer, but I do not meet-up with individual fans.
3. How can I be a model for your next shoot?
It's kind of you to volunteer, but I'm currently not looking for any male/female talents.
4. Can we speak on the phone or Skype?
That sounds very lovely, but I do not speak on the phone or do video conferences with individual fans.
5. When will you come to my country?
If you want me to come to your country to meet you, see question #2.

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