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Giving Myself Pleasure Twice

10:00 Min. Video

I'm wearing my sexy black lace body, and a black rose necklace. They match in colour and beauty. I feel like playing with something big today, and so I have brought my big pink dildo with me in my bed. It's so big, it can hardly get in my mouth, but that's what excites me. Feeling the arousal, I slide my hand down to my pussy. I caress the soft lace that covers it, while still sucking and licking my big pink dildo. With only one hand, I can't detach the pressure buttons, so I stop sucking on my toy, use both hands, and free up my pussy.

I spread my pussy's lips, revealing my small opening. I play like this, teasing, pinching, rubbing for a few seconds. My thoughts go back to my big dildo. I grab it, and start rubbing it on my clitoris, down my pussy, up again to my clitoris. I know that a with big toy, I need a little help from lubricant. I pour a few drops directly on my pussy, spread everything with the head of the dildo, and push it in. It feels so good. I slide it completely out, then push it back in. It stretches my tight pussy, arousing my mind and body.

The dildo is big. It's also quite long. I push it as far as I can, and just rock my body around it, stimulating my clitoris at the same time. I feel the orgasm climbing inside me. I close my eyes and my legs as I reach it, hard and strong.

It seems I'm not done yet. A woman's body is exceptional in that it can have multiple orgasms back to back. My excitement didn't fade after my first orgasm. I started rocking my hip up and down at the same pace I was rubbing my dildo on my pussy. It brought my ecstasy right back up. I slide my dildo back inside me, play with my clitoris, squeeze my butt the feel as much sensations as possible. And then, I come again. It's beautiful to be able to give myself pleasure twice in less than ten minutes!

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