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Anal Pleasure With Toy and Finger

08:24 Min. Video

I'm wearing a lovely white translucent nightie that feels soft and light on my skin. So much so that I could swear I'm lying there on my back naked. My legs are up in a way that gives me access to my ass. I caress my body, spend a few seconds on my pussy, and know exactly what I want to do to my ass. The mere thought of giving myself anal pleasure makes me blush. Although I'm fairly open about it, anal play is still taboo in our society, and I guess it's one of the things that makes it so exciting!

I take my purple vibrator, the one with the round tip that I use to stimulate my g-spot, and suck it to lubricate it. When that's done, I start rubbing it on my asshole, pushing slightly to make it slide in. With a little more saliva, it glides in easily. The sensation is wonderful, and I can't help but rubbing my clitoris while I give myself anal pleasure.

The vibrator is slim, and at some point I feel like I need more sensations. That's when I add a finger to the fun. It's good now, I can feel my ass stretch just enough. It makes me go into a blissful trance where all my senses are stimulated, and soon, a powerful orgasm takes control of my body and my mind.

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