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Stripped Down by the Window

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When you find me like this, I always love to have a little fun with you. Just sitting by the window at my desk, I decide it's more fun to be in my dark, starry lingerie... There's something wonderful about deciding to include a little more fun teasing sexiness into my daily life, so why not have a little photoshoot right here by the window?

Slowly, I start to slip a bra strap off my shoulder, indicating more to come, but covering myself, not wanting to reveal anything too quickly. A shot from behind reveals my cute little thong, gently held in place by the curves of my soft, pale cheeks. As I slowly slip off my bra, I show just my nipples, showcased in their place by the framework of the lingerie before taking it all off, stretching to show my breasts in their full glory...

But then that element of the tease comes back, and I'm covering them one at a time, making you wait and making you want more...

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