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Four Fingers Orgasm

08:20 Min. Video

I lay down on my belly, lifting my ass up as I caress my butt cheek. My hand wander down, and finds my red panties. I push them aside to play with my pussy.

I first slide one finger in, slide it out, and play with my clitoris. Then I slide two fingers, but my panties are getting in the way. I decide to remove them to be free to play with my pussy.

I open my legs wider, add a little bit of saliva to my fingers, and slide three of them inside me. I moan as the pleasure is growing. With my right hand, I reach my clitoris. I get the sensations to the sky, and with a fourth finger inside, I'm ready to reach orgasm.

My face in deep in my pillow, my breathing has accelerated, and my hips move my butt up and down. My pleasure grows each time I push my four fingers in my wet, tight pussy. Soon, sensations burst into my whole body to give me a strong orgasm.

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